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 2014 SCOG 'Brooms Head NSW' Muster

beachnorth broomsheadsurf

The scene was set at Brooms Head Caravan Park....A beautiful spot right on the surf beach in northern NSW, near Maclean just east of Grafton. SCOG Members set up as early as Tuesday with an approximate total of 26 vans steadily rolling in over the week. We officially started the event Friday afternoon by gathering the troops together for the traditional happy hour down by the beach. The Parks ‘Snack Shack’ was booked for us and we had Fish & Chips along with a few tasty beverages. Introductions, Speeches, meal raffle, and a couple of fines were handed out. We were then greeted by a cool sea breeze and a couple of Whales frolicking just offshore.

fridayhappyhour fishchips

The vans kept rolling in, and the group gathered together back at camp for stories and friendly interaction with some poetry, tall tales, and a few more beverages late into the evening.

 southbeach  meeting

Saturday morning saw the sun rise over the horizon exposing the beautiful surf beach and its nice cool sea breeze. Couples had their morning stroll along the coast; some members had an early swim while others with sore heads slept in. The smell of fresh bacon & eggs filled the air and happy campers arose from their vans fresh for the day to come. Saturday was generally a lazy day where everybody was able to mingle freely and check out each others vans. The group gathered mid-morning for a Q&A meeting where new owners were welcomed and were able to learn new Tech tips.

One main topic several of the SCOG travellers were passionate about was supporting ‘free camping’ and how it needs more support from travellers, as some political types are trying to abolish it. This Q&A time was, and always will be a great time for the SCOG and the SC manufacturers to gather info and look at ways they could evolve and improve. A pair of whales just offshore caught everyone’s attention before we all relaxed with a quiet lunch.  sunrise
 freecampmeeting sleep

The troops gathered again for happy hour at the local Bowls Club just across the road from our camp. We all sat down for a wonderful semi-formal dinner and some more formalities, welcoming and thank-you speeches were conducted before the duke box was fired up.

After dinner we gathered in a group back at camp to continue in the participation of beverage drinking before bunking down for the night.

 thankyoufor2014  happydinner
 happybirthday  satnightdinner2
 satnightdinner  funnybuggers

Sunday started a little slower... With many sleeping in and some up early in the morning daring to have a dip in the cold surf while others went for a stroll along the beachfront.

We had a bit of free time before driving down the road to the popular Lake Arragan in the Yuraygir National Park for lunch. We set up the marquees and Southern Cross put on a complementary lunch while the annual Southern Cross Story/Poem competition was judged. They were all great entries, with the winners being Lyn & Lynn Maclean (owners of our first caravan). They were then presented with a great esky for their personal poem named ‘On the road’. (Click Here to read)

sclunch scoglunch
story,poemwinners nationalpark

After finishing lunch everyone travelled back to camp, and prepared for a new SCOG event...‘2014 Swimwear Competition.’ There was a mixed range of fantastic costumes with around 20 entries and a total of 4 overall winners. Prizes included Vouchers, Bottles of wine and traveller’s maps.  After the swimwear competition the group took advantage of the flat hard sand and engaged in a fun game of beach cricket.

 mrmuzza  beachswimwarecomp


Happy hour came soon after with all feeling a little thirsty after the cricket match. We gathered once again in a large circle amongst the vans to tell stories, while some read out poems and told a couple of funny jokes. We settled for dinner and then gathered again for drinks and stories amongst the vans before bunking down for the night.

 storytime  sundaystorytime

Monday morning saw another beautiful day with the sun shining and the smell of the clean fresh sea air. A couple of members said their goodbye’s as they had to travel back to their homes and families, hoewever most stayed on to engage in more fun and games. They all gathered again for a new event before lunch... 'The Best Broom Competition' which was in keeping with the location theme.

After lunch members then headed of across the road for a few drinks and a couple of games of 'Barefoot Lawm Bowls' at the Brooms Head Bowls Club. The remaining group then travelled back down to the Snack Shack Hall after dinner for some more drinks, goodbyes and the presentation of the ‘Richard Cranium Award’ which was won by Southern Cross Boss; Barry Beattie, for not being on the ball, and filling his Ford Ranger Diesel...with Unleaded... Verry embarrassing!

 broomcomp  theboss
 barefootbowls  mondaynight

Tuesday morning was goodbyes from most remaining Owners before heading off in all directions. Some stayed behind to continue their holiday....and could still be there even today.

One thing is for sure; Everyone had a great time and the SCOG groups comradery is bigger and better than it has ever been. Everyone gelled together like old friends and new friendships were made, new travels are planned, and new organizers in place. See you all next year for bigger and better times!

Special thanks to all that helped organize this special event........can't wait till next year!


Bruce & Sharon


Mel & Chris


Bob & Jenny


Barry & Lorraine