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5th Wheeler and Caravan Manufacturers

Professional Designs with the customer as the focus.

In an industry where quality is hard to come by, John and Barry from Southern Cross are 5th wheeler and caravan manufacturers that are in a class of their own. Coming from humble beginnings as steel fabricators and engineers, the quality and craftsmanship that goes into a Southern Cross Caravan and 5th wheeler is of the highest standard. 5th wheeler and caravan manufacturers often take shortcuts or use inferior products in their bulding process. However; Southern Cross ensures that their caravans and 5th wheelers are built with superior quality to keep you confident and safe.

When you couple together our very own AIRBAG SUSPENSION and FIBREGLASS COMPOSITE BODY you get the strongest design and the softest ride for the outback.

 131016-styromax-007-resize-300x118  cadairbagsuspension

The most important thing about the Southern Cross business is their family and their legion of customers across this country that appreciate the lifestyle that Southern Cross provides. Check out our FAQ's page to answer any questions you may have or fill in this form.


Southern Cross 5th Wheeler and Caravan Manufacturers; Innovation, Comfort and Design wherever the road leads you.

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