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Hi Southern Cross,

You may care to relate an experience of ours which is most likely a little different to most.

It was a few Months ago now, as we drove in along the Lasseter HW to make the obligatory visit to " Uluru" we managed to lose the small toilet window from the driver’s side of the Van ( I had missed seeing that it was not latched that A.M. ) it was apparently blown off by the turbulence of a B Double going in the opposite direction ,which we only realized later, on our arrival at the Camp Ground and noticed it's absence.

That evening I sent off a call to Matt and Company for information regarding a possible replacement i.e. when where how etc, and the next day proceeded to do the Tourist bit, which may I say here was well worth it.

A couple of days later when leaving we decided that it would be worthwhile to see if we could perhaps find the missing unit, we had nothing to lose. I had a rough idea (within 20 or 30 ks ) of where we had passed the truck, and since the traffic was quite light and most of the road was fairly straight we were able to travel a bit slower over the section required.

What is it they say, "Better to be born lucky than rich", anyway, I spotted it three or four metres off the road and other than a couple of minor scratches and a small crack in one corner it was fine, and is now refitted, I may have it replaced sometime but it is something of a fond memory and I would be a little sorry to lose it second time.

Needless to say we both pay more attention when starting out these days.

I would also like to add that our Rig has attracted a lot of attention everywhere that we have been, they like the size, the fact that a big truck is not required, that the outside is clean and uncluttered, and nice and modern inside, our Unit is 25ft. with single beds and suits us down to the ground and we are both only too happy to show it and talk about it.

Our Tug is a 3 Litre Turbo Diesel Isuzu D Max Auto Transmission, which usually returns 16 to 17 litres per 100ks when towing, I have installed air bags to the rear which makes life rather more comfortable and convenient, it is also fitted with a "Longranger" fuel tank (Very Worthwhile) and an Alloy Roo Bar, have not needed that bit yet, anyway it all works well as an outfit and will for years to come I am sure.

May have more to offer later.
Regards Ian and Marion Lister.