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OK here we go,

We would like to express how wonderful it has been traveling for the last 19 months in our Southern Cross Expedition 5th Wheeler.  We have experienced a couple of problems with the van, which were rectified promptly and with no inconvenience to us.

We have all the luxuries  of home in our 5th wheeler:

  • leather lounge.
  •  2 Televisions. 
  • Queen size bed. 
  • Dressing table. 
  • 240 lt fridge 
  • Stove/grill. 
  • Microwave oven. 
  • Washing machine. 
  • LED lighting throughout and plenty of storage. 
The van tows like a dream with independent suspension and air bags.  One of our favourite places was the ‘Great Ocean Road’ out of Esperance in Western Australia.  As you drive along, the scenery is magnificent, we stopped a few times just to take in the view.  We did this drive twice, because it was so good.  We both loved the south west of WA - Albany, Denmark, and Walpoole with all its tall timber.  In Walpoole we took a walk at the top of this tall timber, simply beautiful. Everywhere we have been so far, people have told us how good our 'Rig’ looks, and a lot of them have asked to see inside.  Most have given our 5th wheeler the ‘WOW’ factor.


The last thing is, as we always say this 5th wheeler is the best one Southern Cross has ever built.  With special thanks to Matt Atkins.


Margaret & Stig