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Max & Lyn Paten. SCE 019.


There was movement around the country
For the word had gone around,
That the mob from Southern Cross was on the move.

They are heading to the country
To a park with shady trees,
On the banks of a big dam full of fish,
Or at least it’s supposed to be.

A couple brought their tinnie
And a bucket full of bait,
To get onto the water this pair could hardly wait,
His wife said, ”Darling I have a headache you will have to fish alone”
That’s when this bloke discovered, he’d left his rods at home.

Now Barry Beattie is the bloke that started Southern Cross,
So I guess that is the reason that they call this bloke the Boss.
I guess that’s not what his son wanted to hear me say,
But hang in there Johnny boy you’ll be the big boss one day.

The Awning man rocked into camp,
He seemed like a decent bloke.
He tried real hard to push his wares,
But we all claimed to be broke.

Two tassie tigers turned up and parked at site number seven,
He was a loud and rowdy bloke, but wow, his wife was the tiger from heaven.
John and Judy, Dick and Sue,
Little Barry’s on the red so off he goes to the loo.

Robyn and Dave, and a muso that won’t shave,
A motorhome just drove past, but stuff them they didn’t wave.
Sorry if your name was missed,
But hey, the reason is I’m half pissed.

To own a Southern Cross is to be ahead of all the rest
Like Pharlap, Gun Sind, the Don – Yeah the Don.
That’s it finished, Judges give me the gong!