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A wave of the hand

As we pass them by

The miles roll on

And the days just fly

Here on the road

We're a familiar sight

But who really knows

Where we'll be tonight?


Maybe a bush camp

Or a caravan park

We like to pull up

Long before it gets dark

Motorbikes, Road Trains

They all pass us by

Cyclists pedaling

Don't ask me why?


Motor Homes, Pop Tops

Here comes another

Up goes the wave

Just like a brother!

We think about home

Where the weather is cool

We should get back

No don't be a fool!


Through wind and rain,

Sunshine and heat

We all keep on moving

This weather we can beat

Rivers and gorges

Mountains and beaches

Highways and byways

They're all in our reaches


"Where do you come from

And where have you been?"

"Tell us your favorites

And what you have seen?"

We belong to one family

Which no one can change

So please do come join us

Up over the range


Who are we?

And what do we need?

A van or a motor home

Just you take heed

We're the ones that you curse

When we drive far too slow

But we just love this life

As on the road we go


"Macca All Over"

and Slim's "Lights in the Hill"

Radios and CDs

What more for your fill?

Tour books, maps

North, south, east or west

We just can't decide

Which state we love best


Yes RVers we are

And proud to belong

To a wonderful family

Who travel along

So on we go

With no second glance

Any turning back -

There isn't a chance!


We proudly carry

The Southern Cross name

As we cross this wide country

Dessert, river and plain

There are not many of us

But by chance when we meet

Southern Cross is the topic

So just take a seat


Please keep up that wave

As onwards we go

Makes no real difference

What you have in tow

We are all the same

Whether large or small

RV friendly people

Just having a ball


By Lyn and Lynn Maclean

Bundaberg Queensland