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2013muster2 2013muster


Our annual muster which this year was once again held at the Casino Big4 RV Village, proved to be yet another great success. There were some 17 Southern Cross Rigs and their owners, Southern Cross staff, some curious customers, friends, plus Bob & Jenny the Awning man (Sponsors of the story or poem competition) 

For those who turned up early, the event started Thursday with a trip to the Casino town markets, then to the traditional Happy Hour at 4:00pm, where some collected their chairs & esky’s, then gathered around the vans for a few yarns. A steady stream of Southern Cross Vans rolled in one after the other from all around the country, Thursday through Friday, with some new, and some familiar faces.

Early Friday afternoon was slated for the SCOG ‘Questions & Answers time’ where everyone gathered to scrutinise, swap their pros, cons, tricks and knowledge on their Southern Cross vans. 4; 00pm saw the crowd gather again at the BBQ Hut for the traditional SCOG happy hour. This then led into the BYO BBQ dinner, where there were numerous fun fines given for a variety of offences. Mel, our El Presidente’ and founding father Barry, stood up and spoke a few welcoming words, then we paid our respects with a minutes silence for the fallen friends no longer with us. Mel & Chris decided it was time to share the El Presidentes’ position, and give someone else a go for next year. So we thank them for all their great work and dedication while also welcoming our new El Presidente’s, Sharon & Bruce Webster for 2014.

meetingplace happyhour2 johnsride

The sun rose Saturday morning to yet another beautiful warm day. This was a free day for everyone to explore Casino, do their shopping, visit other vans, sit and relax, or catch up with new friends. Once 4:00pm hit (happy hour) everyone gathered chairs and esky’s then set up amongst the vans in a large circle. Lorraine pulled out one of her games (celebrity head) and everyone joined in to have a good laugh.

At 6:30pm everyone gathered at the clubhouse for the main event. A catered dinner, music, dancing, karaoke, speeches, competition prize draws, and fun games. 

 celebhead2  celedhead3  celebhead

There were some great entries submitted, but one stood out as the overall winner. John & Judy Simons won the Wallabies esky with a great metaphor story about ‘different sizes’ Check out the winning entry here. There were great prizes for the runner ups, and all other entries received a prize as well. Dancing and singing followed with Karaoke and the chicken dance, to name a few. Later we held a competition which was called “Chase the ping pong ball”. The aim is to get ‘the ball’ up your partner’s trouser leg, then down and out the other the fastest. This brought tears of laughter to the eyes of those watching...as well as some in the game.

bobbarry dancefever winningyarn2013
 dance1  duets  dance3
pingpong1 pingpong3 pingpong2

Sunday morning, we all enjoyed the traditional complementary Southern Cross recovery BBQ, with plenty of tasty Sausages, Bacon & Eggs, toast, with tea & coffee. This was then followed by a few friendly fines for various offences during the evening. The new winner for the perpetual trophy was won by Graham Howell as the biggest “Richard Cranium” for the week-end, after his spectacular singing and dance efforts without any shame. We then passed on the few words of thanks to our organisers, as well as receiving thanks from some visiting guests. A brief plan for our muster next year was reviewed, with a brand new coastal destination put in place. 

Sunday was a slow day for recovery, with a lazy game of ‘Disc Bowls’ in the heat of the day. Some had a dip in the pool to cool down, while others had a camp. By the time happy hour arrived, the surviving members were in slow motion and ready for bed.

sardines winnerrichardcraniumaward2013 bowles

Everyone agreed that this event was yet another great success and it’s fast becoming a friendly traditional event to be promoted every year. I am sure that there will now be even more mini-musters, because there is new friendships and comradeship that formed from this gathering.

Looking forward to seeing you all next year.

Southern Cross 5th Wheel Caravans.