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The suspension can make or break the whole ride of you van, as the axle is one of the most important components of any trailed product. This is the backbone of the carrying system and great care should be taken to ensure that the appropriate style and capacity of axle are chosen.

 Years ago, the team at 'Easy Traveller Trailers' put their heads together to design, engineer, and test, a new innovative idea. The aim was to design a suspension that would give the softest, and ultimately the best ride on the market...A suspension that would stand the test of time and protect the van and it's precious cargo while travelling in Australia’s harsh conditions. See fig 1

cadairbagsuspensionFig 1





                  Gibb River Road                                                                       Big Red   


There are a few very well respected outback touring vans using the air suspension system and it has earnt a very good reputation for outback touring. Those who do a lot of outback touring and are prepared to spend a little more on their suspension, would not be disappointed by an air suspension system. Trucks and busses have been progressively moving across to air suspensions and recently the caravan industry has been making the same transition. Air suspension is considered by many to be the ultimate in ride control and load protection. The ability to be manually or automatically adjusted for varying load conditions makes it an ideal suspension for all types of caravans. The air springs themselves are able to be adjusted to keep constant ride height no matter what load is being carried. In doing so the internal air pressure changes and so does the spring rate giving a perfect ride for all load conditions.

As a suspension medium, air has many advantages. As loads change, the ride height remains constant so that the suspension is always at its optimum ride height. Spring rates progressively increase with both load and air pressure giving superior ride quality. This is why many semi trailers hauling fruit or delicate loads utilise air suspension on the truck and trailer. 

The on board control system for the air suspension provides for the ability to level your van across slopes when parked. This feature allows for the caravan to be leveled up on site effortlessly, often without the need for any height adjusting wheel blocks. The onboard air tank provides a ready supply of compressed air for pumping up tyres as well.

Literally riding on air, this style of suspension provides the best protection for your rig. Air suspension will protect the components inside the caravan over a wider range of conditions than most other suspensions. This is an important issue today with caravans carrying more electronic equipment including TV units, satellite, and stereo systems. This type of premium suspension helps guarantee that all contents and belongings will be in sound condition after a hard days travelling. Air suspension systems also allow the caravan to be lowered onto the bump stops when a reduced height is required especially for entering garages or parking spaces. Depending on the system selected, this can lower the caravan an additional 85-120mm.

In the unlikely event of a system failure the bump stops act as a drive home safe facility enabling the caravan to remain mobile (at a reduced speed) until a service facility is reached. The Air Bags are constructed similarly to vehicle tyres and are extremely robust. If installed correctly the likelihood of air leaks or Air Bag failure is remote.




  • Easy Traveller Trailers, AKA; Southern Cross Caravans, were the innovaters of the fully adjustable trailing arm, with both the'Camber, and Tow In' adjustments. This was created for our 5th Wheelers & Caravans to give full adjustment of the wheels...able to be set to allow for pre-load, tracking, and ultimately better tyre wear and performance.


  • All the control arm bushings are individually machined from solid, durable oil impregnated Polyurethane. We only allow minimal tolerances, and have added serviceable greasing nipples for peace of mind.



  • Only Quality Rolling Sleeve 'Firestone' airbags, approved air lines, and fittings are used.


  • Optional 'self levelling ride height' controls can also be fitted for ease of use. This option will return your van to 'ride height' from any other manual height setting.


  • We don't just cater for the standard larger vans with Duel wheel suspension...We also fit the suspension to our 'single axle' 18 foot 5th Wheelers as well.
  • Shown is (optional twin shockies) Ideally fitted for the extreme traveller on corrigations and bush roads.


  • The system is user friendly, by adding lock-off valves to each airbag...this means you can isolate parts of the system to test and eleviate any potential problems.



  • The onboard air compressor and air tank allows for the system to be used anywhere, anytime. The system also comes with a tyre guage kit for topping up tyres and your tow vehicles airbags as well.

Imagine being able to park on un-level ground and not having to worry about setting up ramps to level the van anymore! Well, this is yet another great advantage with the Airbag system.

We have 180mm of travel from fully raised to fully lowered position...So this means ease of levelling, North, South, East, or West!





With the help of the front electric legs, you can easily level the van along with the suspension.

This van was set on the side of a hill with one side of the suspension lowered, and the other fully raised. You can see the difference in the height of the front legs.


One of our Expeditions travelling through the outbacks bulldust.

Here is a good combination...A good tow vehicle, a good, light van, a reliable articulating hitch, and good ground clearance. Having the Airbag suspension means this van had the option to raise its ground clearance and plough through ruts and holes without throwing its contents onto the floor.




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