Safety Tips for Christmas

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Safety Tips for Christmas

Here are some Great Safety tips

These are some great tips courtesy of

Great tips for a Safe Holiday :)

  1. Make sure your caravan, camper trailer, tent trailer or 5th Wheeler is serviced before you head off for your Christmas holidays.
    • Check and repack bearings, especially on vans that have been sitting for longer than 6 months

    • Ensure the coupling functions correctly

    • Check all exposed wiring to ensure integrity of insulation and connections, especially the trailer plug

    • Check and replace worn brake pads/shoes, and magnets on electric units, and ensure the handbrake is correctly adjusted

    • Ensure all lights are working correctly and lenses are not broken or faded

    • Grease coupling and suspension if required

    • Check tyre pressures, and tread depth, ensure your tyres are no more than 5 years old

  2. Adjust your attitude. Remember, Christmas is the time for giving, allow yourself plenty of time for travel, there is a good chance it is going to take a while to get to where you want to go, be patient, take regular breaks, and be courteous, the journey is not fun for anyone when you are all worked up.

  3. If you are going somewhere new, plan your journey well ahead, that way there are no surprises. We have found that half the fun of the trip is the planning. Work out where you are going to have your rest stops.

  4. Whilst you are travelling, maintain a safe gap – at least three seconds, between you and the vehicle ahead, this will give you time to react to those sudden traffic snarls that tend to happen at this time of year.

  5. In the traffic, keep your focus well ahead, aim your vision as far ahead as possible, after we have been travelling for a while, we tend to focus on the rear of the vehicle in front of us, stay alert.

  6. Avoid fatigue, ensure you are well rested before you set off, have a bottle of water in the vehicle with you and drink from it regularly, dehydration is one of the leading causes of fatigue. On average you need to drink around 500mls of water an hour whilst sitting in your air conditioned vehicle. This will also pretty much guarantee that you are going to stop every 2 hours or so.

  7. Keep the kids amused with games that they like to play. While DVDs tend to keep the kids quiet, they don’t get to experience the regions they are travelling through, and they are not sharing the experience with you.