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Southern Cross Camper Trailer Review

Black Pearl review.

Below is a review from someone who has road tested one of our Black Pearl Forward folding campers.

Recently, we were very fortunate and were able to road test the ‘Black Pearl’ Camper Trailer by Southern Cross Camper Trailers.  The ‘Black Pearl’ is a deluxe model, and over the distance of 7,000km of rough, rugged, corrugated roads, the Gibb River Road and the road into the Bungle Bungles, Kimberley’s in West Australia, you could say it was a thorough test of this camper trailer. 

The ‘Black Pearl’ tows really well, tucks right in behind the car and with side and rear lights is highly visible.  The suspension was also very good, as it took the roads and roughness well, as well as the water crossings.  It comes with a cook top and sink with a light in the cooking area, very handy, and has numerous pull-out trays and drawers, so there is a good amount of space and storage available.  Also, there is a duel battery system in the trailer, so power was fine when we were free camping or in un-powered camping grounds (sometimes up to four days) as long as your car can trickle charge along the way.  If not, then there is still enough power inbetween charges, you just have to be frugle with it.

Inside the camper trailer, there are power outlets, 12v outlets and a light inside, along with a good amount of windows for ventilation and comfort if it is warm out. 

In terms of putting the ‘Black Pearl’ up and down, most of our stays were one night, so putting it up and down was a simple task, aided by pulley ropes.  Once we got the hang of it, it was a relatively quick task. 

In all, it was our first introduction to using a camper trailer, and this trailer is a robust, easy tow, easy put up and down trailer.  It also makes going into some areas more accessible, as sometimes only single axle trailers can access different areas. 

Thank you to Southern Cross Camper Trailers for giving us this opportunity, it was a wonderful experience with a good, reliable, easy to use camper trailer.

Felicity and Peter S

Home Valley